Ordnance Survey QMS 9001 The Survey Association

The aim of our land surveyors is to provide an excellent surveying service at economic rates, using state of the art methods, and above all to provide a friendly service.

Established in 1979, Landmark Surveys (Wales) Ltd has worked hard to build a reputation for excellence around South Wales, in all aspects of Land Surveying. The service provided by our land surveyors is friendly, helpful and professional. We pay particular attention to our clients requirements, and offer advice and help to ensure their requirements are met in the most professional and economic way.

Our team of land surveyors in South Wales, specialise in topographical, Hydrographic, environmental, boundary surveys and more, who are experienced professionals, enabling us to select the most appropriate team for the specific type of survey work required.

Landmark Surveys (Wales) Ltd background is from the Military Survey Regiment. During this time, aspects of aerial surveys were carried out.

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